Investigative Services

At Mulligan Security we specialize in a wide range of discrete investigative and information-gathering services for our corporate and private clients. Our professional team of security and investigative experts has extensive experience in local, state and federal law enforcement focusing on due diligence, workplace violence, corporate compliance, intelligence and criminal investigations.

Mulligan Security works with each client to design, implement and manage strategic investigative methodologies to ensure client needs and concerns are addressed in a professional, reliable, and confident manner to protect their assets and reputations.

Using best-in-class practices our team of experts represent our clients’ best interests by conducting thorough investigations and providing our clients with the highest level of reliable and confidential information to assist them with their decision making, problem solving and business continuity needs.

At Mulligan Security we support our clients’ desires to properly identify, secure and maintain their business objectives by protecting the interests of their people, shareholders, business operations and brand by allowing us to provide them with the finest security measures, investigative methodology and professional resources available.

Mulligan Security provides the following Investigative Services:

  • Business Intelligence and Research
  • Credit History
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Fraud and Theft Investigations
  • History of Criminal or Civil Legal Activity
  • Pre-Employment Screening and Strategic Background Investigations
  • Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Surveillance
  • Threat Investigation and Behavioral Threat Assessment
  • Fire/Arson Investigations
  • Work Place Violence Investigations