Lobby Concierge, Reception, and Access Control:
Your Security is Our Number One Priority

Lobby personnel are often the first point of contact between your commercial facility or high-rise building and the public.  Whether providing strict access control, concierge services and information, or VIP reception, Mulligan’s fully-licensed, highly-trained, professional Security Officers will project the image that you desire.

Our Lobby Concierge, Reception, and Access Control Officers provide the following services:

  • Provide clear direction, information and assistance to Firm visitors, contractors, contingent workers and employees.
  • Establish a pleasant atmosphere and a sense of “welcome” to visitors.
  • Assist and direct emergency personnel entering the building on official business.
  • Assist building operations personnel during emergencies.
  • Operate and interpret X-Ray scanners for contraband and weapons.
  • Maintain surveillance multiple entrances for suspicious persons and packages.
  • Maintain presence at lobby turnstiles to discourage unauthorized access to the building.
  • Visually inspect access cards to verify that the authorized holder is the individual presenting the access card.
  • Complete working knowledge of the Firm’s in-house or commercial guest registration system.
  • Verify the identity of all visitors, contractors, contingent workers and consultants who do not have Firm ID prior to entrance to building, issuing visitor and contractor badges.
  • Providing escort for terminated employees requiring access to office locations.
  • Maintain access and job verification for all contractors entering the building off-hours.
  • Control access to handicap gate and turnstiles.
  • Control and grant access to the lobby level freight door for all authorized personnel.
  • Control and dispatch security officers for all interior door-opening requests.
  • Prepare and issue building property pass for property removal in accordance with the facility’s Security Manual.