Loading Dock Masters and Patrol Specialists:
We’ve Mastered the Art of Security

Loading Dock Masters perform a function that is vital to the daily operation of any commercial facility with a loading dock.  Deliveries, shipments, contractor access, etc. require strict access control, with proper “sign in” and “log maintenance” procedures.  Mulligan’s expertly-trained Dock Masters and Patrol Specialists are able to handle all eventualities that may occur around a loading dock.

Incoming Deliveries

Mulligan’s Dock Masters are expertly trained to manage all aspects of your loading dock security. Our procedures and services include:

  • Stopping all vehicles before they enter the building and checking manifests to ensure validity.
  • Calling contacts on manifests to inform addressees of deliveries and confirm they are expected.
  • Obtaining and confirming proper identification of delivery personnel and updating the Loading Dock Log before access is granted.
  • Inspecting and verifying contents of vehicles before they enter the building, including using mirror wands to inspect undercarriages of vehicles.
  • If unable to visually inspect undercarriages or containers, our Dock Masters use canine explosion detection teams to conduct vehicle screens.
  • Ensuring that only commercial vehicles are permitted to access the loading dock for deliveries.

Access Control

When a delivery driver or a contractor needs access through the loading dock, Mulligan procedures include:

  • Obtaining and confirming proper identification of the person(s) requesting access.
  • Maintaing an “Authorized Deliveries List”.  If a contractor, vendor, or delivery is not on the list, the Dock Master requests a manifest and communicates with the contact person listed to confirm validity.
  • Recording the required information in the Loading Dock Log for all encounters.