Fire Safety Directors:
Working to Secure Your Company’s Safety

New York City law mandates that office buildings and hotels of at least a certain size and occupancy are required to have a Fire Safety Director on the premises at all times when the building is occupied. Fire Safety Directors are building employees that are trained and certified by the FDNY to implement the building’s Fire Safety Plan in the event of an emergency. They also have a number of additional responsibilities, including:

  • Responding directly to emergency situations.
  • Acting as a liaison between building personnel and the FDNY in the event of an emergency.
  • Directing evacuation during fire or emergency.
  • Assisting all emergency service personnel entering the building on official business and reporting details to Mulligan as soon as practical.
  • Assisting building operations personnel during emergencies.
  • Administering CPR/AED and basic first aid when necessary.
  • Recognizing unusual conditions and generating required reports/notifications to follow-up with the client, Mulligan, and/or building operations personnel.
  • Supervising and training the Fire Brigade, Floor Wardens, Deputy Floor Wardens, and Building Evacuation Supervisors.
  • Maintaining records and logs as required by law.
  • Performing inspections.
  • Conducting, supervising, and evaluating fire and emergency drills.

All Fire Safety Directors must have a Certificate of Fitness from the FDNY, which requires applicants be of a certain age, have applicable experience, complete a course, pass a written exam, and pass an on-site exam at each building for which the applicant wishes to be Fire Safety Director.

In order to maintain 24/7 coverage, most high rises and hotels also have one or more Deputy Fire Safety Directors. The Deputy’s primary role is to function as the Fire Safety Director at times when the Fire Safety Director is absent.  The Deputy also must be able to perform duties during fires and emergencies as directed by the Fire Safety Director.