Fire/Life Safety:
Your Concern is Our Priority

The initial stages of any fire or emergency are extremely crucial. The manner in which the entire high-rise safety team responds to the incident can determine the ultimate outcome and safety of the tenants in their building. Fire and Life Safety at Mulligan Security is a premier program dedicated to fire, terrorist, and emergency preparedness. The mission of the Mulligan Security Executive Fire and Life Safety team is to elevate the level of training of the high-rise fire safety teams in the Mulligan portfolio. Therefore, when any type of incident occurs the team will be able to react and respond in the safest manner possible. The high-rise fire safety team consists of EAP Wardens, the Deputy EAP Warden’s Searchers, the Critical Operations Staff, the Brigade and the EAP Director. This program features the utmost professionalism and detailed training techniques in the industry.

Fire/ Life Safety Training at Mulligan features two first-rate and extremely qualified leaders. To begin, Director of Fire and Life Safety since 2003, Stephen Chimento is a retired FDNY Captain after 32 years of service responding to hundreds of high-rise building fires and emergencies in Midtown Manhattan. While assigned to the Bureau of Training he was tasked with training the departments 12,000 firefighters in Responder Hazmat Level 1 Awareness. The instruction included the preparation of 5 citywide sites of 20 instructors. Stephen is a pioneer in the initiation of electronic based training for the FDNY. He produced an interactive multimedia software program that trained the Chief Officers at the Fire Academy to practice command & control, radio communication, Incident Command (ICS), strategy, and tactics. As a member of the Industry Advisory Board, he meets with the Chief of Fire Prevention to discuss the most current issues impacting commercial high-rise office buildings. His professional career in the FDNY as well as his current position in the private sector have offered him a unique position to appreciate the complexities of successful coordination between the FDNY and commercial office high-rise properties in NYC.

Next, Mulligan’s commitment to quality service continues with Ed Huberts, a member of the NYC Fire Department for 28 years, retiring as a Battalion Chief in 2006. In his last few years with the FDNY, he was a member of the Mayor’s Model Code Program, a committee of public and private professionals that developed the new building code that was introduced in 2008. That experience was followed by contributing to the development of the new Fire Code and the introduction of the Emergency Action Plan Rules. Ed earned a Master’s degree in Fire Protection Management and was the Fire and Life Safety Course Coordinator for NYC College of Technology, developing and teaching all of their Certificate of Fitness classes. In 2010, he wrote the class textbook for the Fire Safety Director’s course to comply with the new curriculum introduced by the Fire Department. In addition, he has been an adjunct Professor for John Jay College and in 2010, was selected to train the Bureau of Fire Prevention Inspectors in the new Fire Code.

Beyond such experienced leaders in management, Mulligan has Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Directors who conduct drills and evaluate the ability of their “fire team” to perform provisions of Local Law 26. Mulligan Fire Safety Directors are trained at Mulligan sites to a higher level that is required by this law and many other citywide mandates. For example, the Executive FLS staff provides building specific training programs on weekends. For further information on this training, please see Phase II – Training and Drill Requirements.

A member of the Executive FLS Staff of Mulligan Security personally tutors each Fire Safety Director in the 4 parts of the Emergency Action Plan On-Site exam. Compared to a 63% passing rate for NYC EAP directors, Mulligan Fire Safety Directors boast a 100% passing rate, which demonstrates our great commitment to core competency. No one in the industry comes close to our EAP training program with these statistics.

Mulligan’s Fire and Life Safety practice yields tenable results, ensuring that the occupants of every building we protect are as safe as possible.

FDNY On-Site Pass / Fail Rates for Emergency Action Plans City-Wide vs. Mulligan Clients

Our recordkeeping promotes the best practices and integrates communication to ensure no minor prevention tactic goes overlooked. Web Cams and “Go to My Meeting Technology” are also just two examples of the numerous ways in which our fire safety management team can meet with individual sites simultaneously.

The Fire/ Life Safety program at Mulligan is prepared to handle the multifaceted nature of this industry with a taskforce that is committed to the ultimate goal of saving lives during crisis. Our Team will personally supervise and handle all of the training and drills required by Law in high-rise buildings. Our goal is to deliver the best product to our clients and to ensure a commitment to future improvement on all levels.