The following testimonials are from Mulligan Security personnel and Clients. Names and exact locations have been omitted due to the highly sensitive nature of our work.

“I hired Mulligan Security to investigate an organized and unauthorized group of people in New Jersey who had started illegally manufacturing and then selling my trademark protected product. Unfortunately for my company and for the people who purchased these “counterfeit products” which were being sold throughout New Jersey and New York for approximately four months – we were faced with the issue of having to recover from brand damage and had suffered over $600,000 dollars in lost product sales. Mulligan Security was instrumental in not only identifying the counterfeiters but assisted us in shutting down their illegal operations.

– Business Owner and CEO, Texas


“We hired Mulligan Security to address a very sensitive issue we were faced with at our New York City business location. Part of the sensitivity at this site involved the fact we do not own the building outright and the building owner has a security program in place that as it turned out, was not up to our standards and expectations. Mulligan provided us with a very thorough analysis of the existing security program that enabled us to approach the building owner in a professional and favorable manner, express our concerns, share our ideas, and reach a solution that not only enhanced the level of security being provided to us but resulted in our expectations not only being met but exceeded.”

– Business Owner, New York City


“Mulligan Security recently provided executive level transportation and security services to my company’s executive level leadership team while they were in New York City to attend high level meetings and dinners with some of our top international clients. Everyone involved in the process brought up the fact the Mulligan Security team provided exceptional service and really cared about the services they provided for us. My staff and I want to thank Mulligan Security for their outstanding advance work, high level of customer service, and all around attention to detail which enabled us as a company to focus on the meetings, our clients and the dinners we hosted.”

– Fortune 100 CEO, California


“We want to say thank you to the Mulligan’s and the supervisors at Mulligan Security Headquarters for their actions regarding Hurricane Sandy. They visited our sites day and night, brought us bottled water and Gatorade and provided food for us. They also made sure we had everything we needed to endure the storm and that we and our clients (building managers and their staff) who remained on-site at their buildings during the storm were safe and well taken care of.”

– Mulligan Security Client Site Supervisors and Security Officers


“I am a Lower Manhattan business owner and I am proud to say I have utilized Mulligan Security since October 2001 for my building security, special event security and security services for my family. Over the years I have found Bill and Kevin Mulligan very approachable and they and their employees are some of the most professional people I have ever had the pleasure working with. Everyone at Mulligan Security has made me, my family, and our employees feel like we were more than just another client in the Mulligan portfolio – THANK YOU to everyone at Mulligan Security.”

– Business Owner, Lower Manhattan


“I am a Fire Safety Director and I started working for Mulligan Security in September, 2012. I am currently assigned to a client building in midtown New York City. I had been previously employed by another security firm and had heard of Mulligan Security from a Fire Safety Director I knew who is assigned to one of their buildings downtown. He referred me to the Mulligan Security Director of Operations for an interview. The Mulligan hiring process was a great experience, my benefits and pay are better than my previous employer and the security staff I am working with in my assigned building are good team to work with. I just wanted to say thank you to Mulligan Security for hiring me, placing me in a great work environment and making me feel like you really care about me and my family.”

– Mulligan Security Fire Safety Director


“We were employed by Olympia and York in New York City from 1986 until 1996, and during those years Mulligan Security was a sub-contractor for our company. Kevin Mulligan actually reported to us as a sub-contracted Security Supervisor back in those days. In 1996, Mulligan Security was awarded the overall security services contract for that VIP location. The security contract was and still is for one of New York City’s premier business addresses, consisting of four towers and an atrium totaling over eight million square feet of Class A office, retail, and public space located on 14 acres in lower Manhattan. Working for Mulligan Security is like working for family, because from day-one Bill and Kevin treated us like we were/are a part of their family. We honestly feel that the Mulligan’s respect their employees and their employee’s families, and we would like to thank Bill and Kevin for all they have done and continue to do for us.”

– Assistant Director of Security and, Security Manager 


“I have been working for Mulligan Security for six years. Prior to joining the Mulligan Security team I was employed by a nationally-known security guard company and was assigned to a major NYC-based client. One day I was walking through a well-known New York City ‘landmark building’ on my way to work and asked one of the security officers assigned there who he worked for. The security officer replied, ‘Mulligan Security’. Not only was the officer polite and well-versed, but he was extremely professional. I asked several more questions about the company he worked for and was shocked to hear that his company provided full health benefits, free membership in an employee credit union and paid vacation time. Two weeks later I started working for Mulligan Security. I want to thank Mulligan Security for all they have done for me and my family.”

– Mulligan Security Officer


“I began working for Mulligan Security while I was attending John Jay College in the Bronx. When I explained to Kevin Mulligan I was working to put myself through college he told me that he would work with me regarding my college schedule to ensure that I would be able to work to help pay my college tuition, attend my classes, and be able to study for my college exams. Without Mulligan Security’s understanding and willingness to work with me, I would not have been able to afford to go to college and find the necessary time to study to pass my exams. I am now a full-time New York City Police Officer, and I want to thank Mulligan Security for being there when I needed them. Working for Mulligan Security was a great experience and the perfect stepping stone to my career with the NYPD.”

– NYPD (Former Mulligan Security Officer)


“Mulligan Security has been like a family to me. The Mulligans are always approachable, and the benefits Mulligan Security provides are greatly appreciated. I believe that Mulligan Security is the most professional and employee-friendly security company in New York City. Throughout the company, the uniforms we wear are very professional, and I mention this because I believe other security companies do not provide their security guards with business-style, quality uniforms like Mulligan Security does. This is important to me, because while working, I represent our clients’ best interests. I want to look and be as professional as I can be at all times. I am proud to be working as a part of the Mulligan Security team for the past five years.”

– Mulligan Security Officer


“The Mulligans care about their employees and their clients, and I know this first hand because I have been working for Mulligan Security for over 11 years in New York City. I have been fortunate to have won the Mulligan Security officer “Above and Beyond” recognition award several times­­­­­­­ and the cash bonus that accompanies the certificate of recognition. The people I have met and the friends I have made over the years working as a part of the Mulligan Security team are an important part of my professional life experience. Mulligan Security is like a family to me.”

– Mulligan Security Officer


“Mulligan Security treats us like family. I have been with the company for 13 years, and I appreciate everything the Mulligans have done for me and my family. I believe that Bill and Kevin Mulligan truly respect their employees and are always there for us in times of need. I feel fortunate to be a part of the Mulligan team.”

– Mulligan Security Officer


“Simply stated, Mulligan Security is a great place to work. The Mulligans gave me an opportunity to work for them five years ago, and I want to thank them for believing in me. I have grown with the company over the years, and the experiences and people I have met and worked with have been a positive influence on my life. I would recommend Mulligan Security to anyone looking for a great place to work and to be part of a worker-friendly environment.”

– Mulligan Security Officer


“I retired from the New York City Police Department, and have been working for Mulligan Security for four years. I was looking for a second career, and have found Mulligan Security to be a great place to work. Over the years I have recommended Mulligan Security to several of my former NYPD co-workers who now work for the company.”

– Mulligan Security Supervisor