Mulligan Security Approved by FDNY as Fire Safety Director School

In 1973, NYC amended several provisions in the Fire Code that had a major effect on the fire safety requirements for Office Buildings. Among them was the requirement that High Rise Office buildings and most other office spaces have a Fire Safety Plan that designates specific personnel as Fire Safety Directors holding a certificate of fitness issued by the Fire Department of New York. These requirements were extended to most Hotels in 1984. With the introduction of the 2008 Fire Code, the scope of the certification process for Fire Safety Directors was greatly increased with a new written test and an intensified hands-on practical test based on a building’s specific physical and fire safety features.

Mulligan Security Corporation is proud to announce we have been accredited by the Fire Department of New York City to provide the prerequisite training course for certification as a Fire Safety Director. Mulligan Security Corporation has previously been certified to provide the training course for certification as a Construction Site Fire Safety Manager.

The Fire Safety Director training course is a twenty hour multi-session class that prepares the individual to pass the written and onsite portion of the certification process. Once attaining the Certificate of Fitness, the Fire Safety Director is qualified to implement the building’s fire safety and evacuation plan. During regular business hours, there must always be at least one Fire Safety Director on duty in the building.

The accreditation as an Approved School for Fire Safety Directors is the latest in a series of Fire Safety qualifications that Mulligan Security has applied for and received. In April of 2013, we were approved to offer the Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Certification course. Prior to that, Mulligan Security had been certified to serve as filing processors to submit Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plans for any building.

Added to our long experience in conducting fire drills and warden training utilizing FDNY Chief Officers, Mulligan can now offer a complete, premium fire safety program that assures the safety of your building and its occupants.