Human Resources Mission Statement

Human Resources supports Mulligan Security’s mission by promoting the ideal that our employees are our most valuable resource and will be thusly treated.

The Human Resources Department acts as a catalyst, enabling all Mulligan Security employees to optimally contribute to the company’s success by providing the best service to our clients.

Our Human Resources department is a business partner, working with and for all company departments. We are strategic partners in building the Mulligan Security business, maximizing the value of human capital and properly balancing the needs of the employees and the needs of the company by:

  • Ensuring a diverse workforce in a safe and discrimination- and harassment-free environment by maintaining compliance with employment laws and government regulations, providing management and employee training, and developing policies and procedures.
  • Providing training and development in areas of effective leadership and career development of employees, employment law and government regulation, and litigation avoidance.
  • Hiring the most qualified employees by pre-planning staffing needs, ensuring an effective internal interview process, increasing company visibility in the employment marketplace, identifying the best and most cost effective recruitment sources, and conducting thorough reference checks.
  • Retaining our valued employees by assuring effective leadership qualities in our managers, providing competitive wages and benefits; furnishing technical, interpersonal and career development training and coaching, and supplying relevant feedback to management, and enhancing two-way communication between employees and management.

In support of our company’s principles, values, vision, and mission, it is the Human Resources Department’s Mission to support the total operation in meeting its goals through its most valuable resource – its PEOPLE.

It is our mission to:

  • Develop an attitude of teamwork and quality in our day-to-day operations
  • Create an atmosphere that fosters security and safety
  • Seize opportunities that demonstrate excellent execution, caring attitude, and a sense of urgency
  • Reduce waste by vigorously pursuing continuous improvement activities
  • Commit to doing, to acting openly, equitably and consistently in our pursuit of uncompromising quality
  • Increase participation in company and community activities while seeking knowledge, enthusiasm, and an improved quality of life for ourselves, co-workers, and the community
  • Respect team member values which may be different from our own
  • Accept responsibility for promoting ethical and legal conduct in personal and business practices
  • Communicate in a candid and fair manner with the diverse workforce from which our company derives its strength

We will meet our mission through communication, fairness and efficiency.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Customer Service
  • Value-added
  • Integrity
  • Respect