Our Method: Choosing the right security firm…
it’s about trust.

Mulligan Security’s approach to providing security and fire life safety professionals has not waivered in two decades: we build close relationships with our clients and provide them with the best-trained and supervised personnel in the business.

Our People

When deciding on a security firm to protect your people and your property, you want the best-trained, most professional security personnel on-site, protecting your assets. Mulligan makes extensive efforts to identify, recruit, and train the very best personnel for our clients’ sites. It starts with finding the best people. We are very meticulous in our selection process, which includes an extensive interviewing, screening, and vetting process. Each candidate for employment undergoes a complete and extensive background investigation which includes, but is not limited to, checks for criminal records, motor vehicle violations, credit history, verification of identity, prior residence, military service, educational background, and employment history.

Mulligan Security is a great place to work. Our salary and benefits programs exceed the industry average, but more importantly everyone is treated with the respect they deserve as honest people and highly-trained professionals. We consider our personnel to be part of the Mulligan family. That’s why our turnover rate is much lower than the industry average; once we find and train great people, we want them to stay with us.

We know that without the very best security officers and supervisors, we cannot provide the best possible security for our clients.


Our world is constantly being reshaped by the introduction of new technologies. Mulligan is committed to finding ways to employ technological advances in information gathering, sharing, mining, and communication to better serve our clients and protect their assets. For example, security officers and roving field supervisors can now communicate more efficiently via connected wireless mobile devices. Situational information from the field is entered and instantly shared with superiors, providing a more complete picture. Informed guidance comes faster than ever before, allowing for more immediate and decisive action. Data is stored, mined, and analyzed to improve future responses.

Training has also been improved by new technologies. Some courses and evaluations can be completed online, with more available soon. Mulligan becomes more efficient without losing effectiveness, and everyone benefits from a reduced impact on the environment.


If you want something done right, do it yourself. That’s why Mulligan has its own in-house New York State Certified Security Guard Training School (NYS Division of Licensing Services – Code #320140) to provide all of our employees with the courses required by the Security Guard Act of 1992.This ensures that every Mulligan officer is trained to our high standards, and has continual access to training programs in excess of those mandated by law. All training is performed by Mulligan instructors, offering us complete control over the content and quality of the curriculum.


This trust is further cultivated by the relationships we build with our clients. We do not have a dedicated sales staff. At Mulligan, our clients interact with our senior management from day one, and that relationship continues on an ongoing basis. No other Manhattan-based security firm with Mulligan’s range of services, resources, and expertise can say that.

Mulligan takes great pride in our professionalism and work ethic. We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we do for our clients. We don’t want to be the biggest security firm, just the best.