Our History

The Mulligan Security Corp. (“Mulligan Security”, “Mulligan”) was founded in 1992 in New York City by William (Bill) P. Mulligan and his son, Kevin Mulligan. They studied the NYC security industry, and determined how to vastly improve the quality of security services available to prime high-rise commercial office buildings, major corporate facilities, and client company headquarters. The answer was simple: the combination of a better-trained and more professional team provides a superior product to our clients.

The Mulligans realized that most security companies operating in New York City offered low wages and no true benefits (such as health insurance and retirement plans) to their security officers and other employees. They perceived this to be a deterrent in attracting and retaining the most qualified security professionals. Their goal was to provide the best security force possible, and that would not occur if they structured their company like everyone else.

Their research convinced them that inadequate security was more far more costly than hiring a high-level, professional staff, even if it drove up the firm’s expenses. In the security business, one of the most dangerous conditions is a false sense of security, and the Mulligans resolved to never allow this to happen to any of their clients. They knew this was a case of, “if you want something done right, do it yourself,” and set out to hire, train, and supervise the finest private security staff in the New York City Metro area.

Always looking for ways to better protect their clients, the Mulligans determined that improved training and supervision on fire safety for building personnel, security officers, and tenants was necessary. As a result, they developed a Fire Safety Director program within their corporation. Since that time Mulligan has implement 24/7 coverage of Fire Safety Directors at their sites. They have also expanded their Executive Protection, consulting, and investigative services practices.

Over the years, the company has grown in size and scope, under Bill and Kevin’s direction. Today, Mulligan has a permanent workforce of over 1000, but by holding true to the values and principles on which the firm was founded, the company continues to provide the highest level of security and personal service.